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Facebook brings together Kenyan Group leaders to foster new connections

With the aim of listening, learning and connecting, this community meetup forms part of Facebook’s ongoing drive to strengthen its ecosystem in Africa Facebook (www.Facebook.com) today hosted a gathering of group leaders from some of Kenya’s largest and most diverse Facebook Group communities, all representing a wide range of Groups …

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Usage of the service dominant logic in the tourism industry

Most tourist destinations around the world have turned their focus on attracting visitors. Nevertheless, the changes experienced in the tourism industry have led to the urgency for new strategies. In essence, these new strategies entail the process of maintaining the already existing visitors. Based on such an occurrence, a new …

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Cyber Attack Trends: Mid-Year Report

2017 has proved to be a lucrative year for cybercrime. Prominent malware and attack methods continue to evolve, creatively bypassing existing security solutions. In 2016, we witnessed sophisticated new malware emerging on a regular basis, exposing new capabilities, distribution methods, and attack services offered for sale through multiple platforms. 2017 …

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How innovative technologies have transformed the fashion industry

Since the olden ages, the fashion industry has transformed vigorously; different innovative technologies have characterized the fashion industry. As a result, these technologies have enhanced sustainability in the industry. Past forms of production in the fashion industry have been without an aspect of environmental sustainability. However, with innovation, the production …

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Kenyan Selected Among Fifteen Emerging Young African Entrepreneurs

Fifteen young African entrepreneurs have emerged as finalists from a field of more than 800 applicants for the seventh annual Anzisha Prize, Africa’s premier award for her youngest entrepreneurs. Supported by African Leadership Academy (ALA) in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, the Anzisha Prize celebrates and cultivates the next generation …

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An innovative system for Forex trading

The advent of technology has led to the augmentation of many business approaches and trends as espoused by the innovations involved. Most sectors in the globe have experienced the positive impacts of technology. In particular, the financial sector has undergone massive transformations that are hinged on technological and innovative ventures. …

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