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Water Management is Key to Sustainable Development and Stability in the Middle East and North Africa

World Bank and FAO join forces to support urgent action on regional water and food security The importance of water management for sustainable development and stability in the Middle East and North Africa is at the heart of the League of Arab States’ conference on the Sustainable Development Goals which …

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IMF Staff Completes 2017 Article IV Consultation and Review Mission to Rwanda

Rwanda’s external trade deficit was lower than expected in 2016, following a strong pick up in goods and services exports, combined with reduced demand for imports The IMF team reached preliminary agreement with the government, subject to approval by IMF management and its Executive Board, on policies that could support …

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Infrastructure summit calls for bolder action from private sector to reduce Africa’s infrastructure deficit

– First day of summit hosted by Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) puts strong emphasis on partnerships to increase deal flow to unlock critical infrastructure investments in Africa. – Investors showcased 12 commercial projects requiring US$ 13 billion investment across 9 African countries. AndrewAlli, AFC-President and CEO ABUJA, Nigeria, 15 May …

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Rwanda Gov’t bolster coffee farmers’ morale with better prices

Rwanda coffee farmers have cheerfully embraced the new farm gate prices its government has put place, affirming that the prices will bolster the farmers’ morale and lure more investors as well as farmers into the sector. The government of Rwanda in conjunction with National Agricultural Export Board (NAEB), introduced the …

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Four Kenyans makes to the list of Forbes 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Africa 2017

There’s a rising tide of entrepreneurship sweeping across Africa, and the youngsters are riding it vigorously. A growing number of young Africans are not just content waiting around for a proper career bump up the establishment ladder. No. Their ambitions are much more profound; They are setting out to write …

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Abaarso School of science & Technology Somalia

The History Somalia and Somaliland are located in the “Horn of Africa,” the easternmost peninsula in Northeast Africa.  In May 1991, after a brutal civil war, the Republic of Somaliland declared its independence from Somalia. Somaliland has made great strides, including establishing a stable government with peaceful elections. Still, Somaliland …

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GE and Addis Ababa Institute of Technology Sign a MoU to enable Renewables Hydro/Wind Power Generation Skills Development in Ethiopia

The ultimate vision of the collaboration between GE and AAIT is to develop a Renewables – Center of Excellence at AAIT to serve as a practical learning hub for undergraduate students in the Ethiopia University system, a research incubator for graduate students and a reinforcing learning mechanism for faculty General …

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Quantum Algorithm Classifies 9,500 Handwritten Numbers

While still in their infancy, as quantum computers edge closer to surpassing classical computers, a new discipline is emerging called quantum machine learning. Its goal is to apply quantum information processing to pattern recognition tasks such as classification, regression and clustering. By using quantum bits (qubits) instead of normal binary bits scientists expect to …

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Sustainable hydropower development case studies unveiled at hydropower congress

Topic case studies focus on specific aspects of development, such as indigenous people, cultural heritage, economic viability and water quality The 2017 World Hydropower Congress ended in Addis Ababa Thursday with the launch of a new collection of case studies highlighting good practice in sustainable hydropower development. ‘Better Hydro: Compendium …

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