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About US

The Mt. Kenya Times is a print and digital publication that identifies and promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, technology & creativity in prominent Kenyan industries. We are the industry leader in creating high-value content for engaging targeted audiences and leveraging those audiences for its clients.

So, we offer offer you the priceless resource of professional staffs with special training on graphics design, writing skills and communication all using the industry’s most advanced technology. This results into Ads that sparkle your image and amplify the command of your message. Moreover, we will guide you with our best ideas by keeping in constant touch with your company and informing about the latest market trends.

Our comprehensive editorial captures the ideas that reshape markets in every sector of the economy. The Mt. Kenya Times provides exceptional medium where business leaders from all walks of life level of experience can share their know-how with fellow entrepreneurs while gaining and at every exposure to potential clients.

The Mt. Kenya Times is also a proficient multi-channel marketer that offers specialist distribution and unique marketing programs that provide access to markets that are otherwise hard to reach.

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